Vitamins – capsules or tablets?

Many, many people in this country are turning to natural health treatments, we are becoming very much more health conscious and rightly so – food in this day and age is so interefered with, it is difficult to ensure that the you are getting enough of all that the body needs to fuel up and be healthy. Of course organic food is far healthier and more likely to provide all that the body needs, but not all of us can afford to eat only organic food, even had we the time to cook the meals. Our busy lifestyle demands so much of our time.

So, many of us may have to supplement our diet to ensure that we are getting all that we need. But what do we take? What is best for the body? No point in taking supplements that are putting more additives and presevatives (as contained in much of our food today). But believe it or not, when you take vitamins, minerals or herbs in tablet form, that is exactly what you are doing!

Very often, the active ingredients – the vitamins and minerals – are only 15% of the entire tablet!

So, what is the other 85%?

Fillers, binders, excipients, coulourings, disintegrants and dileunts to name a few. Excipients such as povodine, (PVP), cellulosics, modifed starches and others used as binders, disintegrants and diluents can consititute up to 85% of the table.

The cheaper the tablet, the more of these ingredients are contained in them. You get what you pay for – which is why vitamins, minerals and herbs are so much cheaper in tablet form.

There are also many reports on the fact that tablets can pass through the digestive system undigested – or worryingly, they get stuck in the digestive tract altogether – neither disintegrating nor passing through.

So, what about capsules?

Reseach dictates that people actually prefer taking capsules as they are easier to swallow and you cannot taste the product inside!

But there is another reason why capsules are much healhtier to take than tablets – the ingredients themselves. It is true that some capsules contain some of the dreaded additives – however not all do – certainly G&G’s do not. Research of our customers shows that the reason that they take G&G supplements is due to the purity of the raw materials and the effectiveness of the products as well as the high quality. We do not use filling agents, binders, excipients, additives of colourants.

All of our products are yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose free and have no added sugar.

Taking capsuls increases absorption of the product far more efficiently, and certainly you will not find a capsule pass through the digestive tract – the capsules is designed to disolve hence the supplements are released in to the system and absorbed much more easliy.

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