G&G Get An Award!

G&G have received a certificate of appreciation for our involvement  with local schools and colleges.  The certification is awarded by the West Sussex Education Business Partnership, who are responsible for setting up events between local schools and colleges and local businesses.  The idea is that the students who are 13 – 14 year olds, get an idea of what is required of them when they leave school as this is something that is not taught and often results in some bewilderment to the student.  However with the Education Business Partnership, events such as ‘career speed dating’ which is an event where on business person is surrounded by students who have to guess your occupation.  They have two minutes to ask the questions, then you have one minute to explain what it is you do.  The it is all change for the students, who move to the next person, and start again!  The students are fantastic, they really get into the spirit of the event and we all have a good time!  Or another event is that of ‘job interview’ workshop where business reps go along and coach the students on how to approach job interviews, what is expected of them, how they would dress, present themselves etc.  All confidence building for the student.  There have also be marketing events and many others.  If you want information on how your business can take part, contact madeleine.mills@westsussex.gov.uk and she will help you.  There are businesses such as Virgin and HSBC who get involved also, so no business too big or too small! See you there!


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