Importance of Vitamin B Complex…

Read about the importance of B vitamins in this BBC  news item this morning.

In surveys carried out by G&G Vitamin Centre, it was found that the most common deficiency in people approaching retirement age, was indeed the B vitamins!  Taking a good quality B Complex (in capsules rather than tablet), is essential to the functioning of the body.  Not only that, but if one does not take a B Complex whilst taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement, then we are lessening the efficiency and effectiveness of those supplements.  Taking single B vitamins can also cause a deficiency in the other B’s the results of which can be fatigue, stress – actually the most common complaints.  Our advice is to take a good multivitamin and mineral such us G&G’s IM90 coupled with our G&G Be Complex which comes in  25mg or 50mg strengths; most especially if you cannot get what you need from your food for whatever reason. 

You can buy these  supplements and more on our website –

If you are not sure which other vitamins, or food items you need, then take our FREE Vitamin Deficiency Test at where you will be advised by a qualified practitioner who will give dietary and supplementary advice.  Help yourself – it is free!


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