Alzheimers and B Vitamins article by BBC…

This article is really worth reading.

Interestingly enough, G&G did a survey recently of people over the age of 55, and found that the vitamins these people were most deficient in were the B vitamins!

G&G would advise that when taking B vitamins, then do so as a complex.  This means that all of the vitamins are balanced against each other as they are required in the body for optimum function.  Taking a good high-strength B Complex also ensures that the multivitamin and mineral supplements that you are taking, are absorbed better in to the body, with the aid of the B Complex – a win win situation!

The survey done by G&G also showed that the most common complaints are fatigue and stress – not surprising given the deficiency of  key vitamins and minerals perhaps due to a diet lacking in the food that supplies these vital nutrients.  And the most deficient minerals are magnesium, calcium and zinc , another wonderful support to the bodies nerve and muscle systems. So, G&G’s High Strength B Complex and Cal-M (calcium, magnesium and Cider Vinegar Drink) could be just the supplement your body needs to compliment and support a nutritous and healthy diet and promote optimum body function – and if the above article is anything to go by, supports a healthy thought process too!

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