Want to excersise but not sure what to do? Read on…

Here is a very good article from BBC Health about what excersise you can do and what good it is to you!  Good information here.



Of course, when exercising, it is very important to support the body with the correct nutrition.  When your diet is not as nutritious as you may need then it is a good idea to take a concentrated form of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and probitoics.  We know that when exercising, our muscles need support as well as our bones and heart.  If you are not able to have the most nutritious diet, or perhaps you are on a special weight loss diet, then these concentrated nutrients are essential for support of the body.

G&G realize the importance of diet and nutrition. We offer the Essential Lifestyle Survival Pack for those who wish to support the body during excercise. Presented in handy one day sachets, this 28 day pack is nutrition with you in mind!

G&G also offer a free Vitamin Deficiency Test for those of you who are not sure where you need to supplement your diet.  This is a FREE service. Your test will be evaluated by a professional nutritionist and dietary and supplementary advice will be given based of course, on the information that you give.  The test also give interim indications of supplementation as a guide until you hear from the practitioner.  You are very welcome to take advantage of this free service.  www.vittest.com


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