Kosher Comes To G&G Vitamins!

G&G Vitamins have been awarded Kosher distinction on 73 of our G&G Brand products!

G&G manufacture our own products,  our manufacturing plant was awarded Kosher status some time ago enabling us to manufacture kosher products for our ‘own label’ customers, we now have much of our own brand certified as Kosher. 

‘It is important to G&G that all people’s have the opportunity to supplement their diet should they wish or need to do so’ commented Nancy Grier – PR for G&G. ‘We are delighted to have Kosher distinction.  Anyone wishing to buy our products, where Kosher is important, can do so with confidence. ‘

‘Rabi Adler, when asked what specific requirements for Kosher food supplements replied’ Gelatin capsules are to be avoided.  In addition there may be problems with glucosamine due to its extraction from shellfish.  We only certify products as kosher if the are totally free of these ingredient.  As I regularly inspect the G&G factory I am well assured that there is no risk of cross contamination from products that are not deemed kosher. I am very impressed with the level of quality assurance.’

Rabbi Adler has provided a comprehensive list of G&G products which are now granted kosher status.


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