So, what are Amino Acids?

Amino Acids: Amino acids are organic compounds containing nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They are the building blocks of protein. They are vital to life and are used in metabolism. Because of their role in our biochemistry, amino acids are a very important part of nutrition. There are 22 standard amino acids and of these eight are considered essential amino acids because the body can’t produce them so they must be taken from food.

AMINO ACIDS are found in all foods except oil. Despite claims to the contrary, all vegetables, legumes, and grains contain all the essential amino acids. They may not contain high amounts of some, but, if combined with another vegetable source, all the essential amino acid requirements are met. There are about eighty amino acids found in nature, but only twenty to twenty-nine are required for human growth. This figure depends upon the source consulted but most agree the figure is twenty or twenty-one. Once again, depending on the source, eight to ten amino acids are considered essential for life.

Of course, one must eat all the foods mentioned to get the amino acids one needs, especially the essential amino acids. But it is not always possible to make sure that you do i.e. you have a busy schedule that means you throw your lunch of dinner together not paying much attention the nutritional value, more that you  are hungry or that you just don’t like the foods!  Whatever the reason, don’t worry, you can get the concentrated nutrition you need by supplementing your diet where necessary.  Check out our Free Form Amino Acids formula at


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