How does your diet affect your bones?

Many people these days are intolerant to lactose which is contained in milk and cheese – the solution is not to consume any products that contain lactose.  Unfortunately, these products also contain the mineral calcium, which is needed if we are to have healthy bones and teeth.  So what does a person do?  You have to have your calcium, but you can’t consume the foods which contain your daily dose.  The only option is to supplement your diet with concentrated forms of calcium i.e. calcium supplements.  But, as we know, calcium is the more difficult of the minerals for the body to absorb and not all calcium supplements are the same.  In fact most calcium supplements to not solve the problem of absorption, and so you can take them and you are still  not getting all the calcium you need from your diet even when supplementing with a calcium product.  Probably the highest absorbent calcium supplement on the market is G&G’s Cal-M.  Made up of calcium, magnesium and cider vinegar this supplement is made in to a drink and is in a form such that the absorption is high.  And it goes down a treat!  Just pop some juice into it if you like!


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