Oxygen is poison….how? why? read on…

To give you an idea of what oxidation does, take an apple and cut it in half and leave it sitting for a while – it will go brown!  That is oxidation.  If you treat half of the apple with lemon juice it will not oxidize as quickly or to the same extent.  This is because of the vitamin C – a known anti-oxidant – contained in the lemon juice. It is the free radicals that cause the browning as they work to indiscriminately destroy the tissue.  And it works pretty much the same in the human body.  Read the following article for more information and also what you can do about it.


If your diet does not contain enough antioxidant properties, you may want to supplement your diet, try the most powerful anti-oxidant on the planet – Astaxanthin – contact G& Vitamin Centre on info@gandgvitamins.com


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