Do yourself a favour…

A balanced diet is essential.  It is the fuel that our body needs to run at it’s best.  But lets face it, there are situations we find ourselves in that means we cannot get all the nutrients we need from our diet.  Allergies is the most obvious one.  Having an allergy can mean that you cannot drink milk  or eat bread, or your body will not tolerate gluten or sugar.  Allergies can be severe, but so can not having that food.  Dairy products are our source of calcium.  The symptoms of a calcium deficiency can get very serious indeed – and it is in these types of situations that it becomes essential to supplement your diet.  But of course, whilst supplementing your diet, you do not want vitamins and minerals that contain the allergen.  G&G Vitamins have been aware of the problems that people face when they have allergies or tolerances and right from the beginning in 1965, we worked to offer all people with supplements free of: yeast, wheat, lactose, gluten and no added sugar.  We were the first company to put all of our brand (bar a few) in to vegetable cellulose capsules and we now have kosher distinction on 73 of our products.  We do not produce supplements in tablet form as there can cause more problems for the digestive system than they aid it.  Hence you will find that G&G Vitamins, Minerals and other food supplements are High Quality, Pure and Effective.  For advice in what you may be missing due to intolerance or allergy, take our FREE Vitamin Deficiency Test at  Our qualified Nutritionist will give you dietary and supplementary advice based on the information you give on the test.


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