Exceptional Service to the Health Food Industry for 45 years…

G&G have been in the health food industry for over 45 years.  We began in the front room of David and Sheila Gaiman in 1965, supplying Vitamin E capsules.  G&G grew from there to the shop you see here, which enabled the mail order business to grow and to also include business to trade outlets all over Europe and the UK as well as practitioners who wanted higher strength supplements with which to treat their patients.

G&G expanded and again moved to a larger building (below) and it is here that G&G began to manufacture products in ‘own label’ for practitioners and trade outlets who wanted to take their own formulas to the fast growing market place.

G&G gained the reputation of high qualify, pure and effective supplements which were welcomed by practitioners and trade as well as consumer alike.

G&G again expanded their own brand and also that of manufacturing for ‘own label’ and moved in 1997 to the building that we occupy now.

With an ISO class cleanroom higher than is actually needed for food supplements, 6 semi automatic encapsulation machines, fast and efficient packing machines, and an extremely high standard quality control and hygiene standards (all of G&G staff are trained in our hygiene standards).

G&G manufacture for some of the top names in supplements in the UK.  We have a large mail order base for the G&G brand, as well as trade outlets throughout Europe.  We have shops both local to our manufacturing plant, and in Europe.  G&G is recognised as being the brand of quality.  We have no additives, preservatives of any kind in our products.  We have no yeast, lactose, wheat, gluten or added sugar in our products.  In addition to this, recently we have gained Kosher accreditation for 73 of our brand products.  We are certified Organic with the Soil Association, are members of the Health Food Manufacturing Association and have Good Manufacturing Practice accreditation.

G&G have never compromised with quality, even when it became fashionable to make vitamin and mineral tablets and not capsules as it is more lucrative financially, we did not compromise because we did not want to have a brand that contained excipients and colourants and binders, all of which can add up to 85% of the tablet – leaving only 15% of what you believe you are paying for.  We also refused to go in to tablets because tablets can also be harder to disintegrate – despite their containing chemicals to make them disintegrate.  Instead we held steadfast to the high quality, pure and effective supplements that have helped people supplement their diets’ for over 45 years.

G&G is a brand you can trust.

G&G manufacture with integrity – no compromise.



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