Skin is the largest of the body’s organs…

The skin is the largest organ in the body and when something goes wrong with the skin, it is not always easy to handle it.  You have to handle internal and external deficiencies or stresses that can bring the skin condition about.

Perhaps your diet is lacking in oils or B vitamins, or minerals, all of which can cause skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.  What can you do?

Make sure that your diet is rich in the above nutrients, really make an effort to get the food you need.  If you find this difficult, or you have a deficiency already, then you need to supplement your diet.  A good vitamin and mineral complex along with a Vitamin B complex and Fish Oils rich in Omega 3,  probiotics supplements aid digestion and help keep up a healthy immune system and Yin Yan MSM topical cream are all essential nutrients to help support your diet and get your body back into good condition.

Yin Yang MSM is a rich cream based on a specific method of getting the amino acids and proteins out of soya and put in to the cream to make sure that the skin can absorb fully the goodness and the MSM.  Applying this to the affected area 2 – 3 times per day for about a month, enriches the skins natural goodness and is an effective was to support your healthy skin eating regimen!

G&G’s Mega 2000 Multivitamin and Mineral formula is a great favourite.  Our Super Balanced B Complex is a definitive formula as well as our Fish Oils.  Probiotics plays a large part in any diet, so our Natren probiotics is the ideal supplement.

You can buy these products from

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