Education Business Partnership…

G&G contribute to the Education Business Partnership! Nancy Grier – PR for G&G went along to The Weald School in Billingshurts to work with the 13 – 14 years old students. ‘It is a very worthwhile activity’ commented Nancy, ‘ Working with the children and helping them to realize the jobs available to them when they leave school – and what is expected of them really helps the students.’
The school commented:
‘Thank you once again for an excellent morning last week.  Feedback from students and teachers was extremely positive – the kinds of things students loves was the authenticity of the careers information they were receiving, the chance to be able to ask questions that they might not otherwise dare to ask, like, ‘how much do you earn?’, ‘are there any perks?’. ‘what possibilities are there for further training and promotion?’, ‘do you need to be rich to set up your own business?’.  According to their form tutors they have talked about the conversations they had with employers for days and has made talk about options so much more relevant.  So as I said, ….thanks and [we are] keen to have them all back again next year (business volunteers)!
Supporting this activity is good for the community and good for the students, G&G are proud to contribute to our community. 

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