G&G at the Ideal Homes Exhibition…

 The new G&G exhibition stand proved a great success, it was the brightest stand there! The exhibition was fantastic for us! We got out over 20,000 of our special edition Vitality magazine, and are getting lots of feedback from that in the form of our FREE vitamin deficiency test, also available at www.vittest.com

We offered tastings of our product Essential Food Green Super Food – which was successful with comments such as ‘ it tastes better than any other of the superfoods that I have tasted!’

We launched our newly packaged Cal-M drink which was very well received.  check it out for yourself!

And now we have launched our brand new website

at www.gandgvitamins.com

Watch this space and find out about the awards that G&G has recently been given!

Where your diet is lacking, supplement with concentrated nutrition –  G&G Vitamins – you only get what you pay for!


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