Blood Sugar, Fat and Lack of Energy…

Our body converts digestible carbohydrates into blood sugar (glucose); our main source of energy.  Our blood sugar level will affect how hungry and how energetic we feel . Both are important factors.
When we eat refined foods such as grains (cereals) that not only have had most of their fibre stripped away, but have also had sugar added; or other carbohydrate-rich foods they are quickly processed into blood sugar. This creates a problem with  our pancreas which  has to work much faster to produce the insulin needed to transport the blood sugar to the cells for use as energy. The result of this is an insulin surge which tells our body that there is plenty of energy available hence the body then begins to store the fat instead of using this as the source of energy.  The bigger problem here is that the insulin surge causes too much blood sugar to be transported to our cells and so results in our blood sugar and insulin levels  dropping below normal – and that is when we feel tired and hungry and want to eat more; more foods with high sugar content which when we consume this, starts the cycle all over again.  As you can see, the more this happens, the more fat the body is storing;  it believes it does not need to convert the fat into energy as it would normally were we to eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

The food that we buy from the supermarket is mostly refined in some way or another and  because of this there is far more weight problems that 50 years ago, and there was certainly far less Diabetes type II than there is now.  Refined foods are full of sugars and MSG all of which make us want to eat more.

You will also find that many foods we buy today, have added sugars; watch our for any ingredient listed ending in ‘_ose’ as they are all sugars, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose… Even fat-free products are supplemented with sugars to enhance the loss of taste. This was not the case 50 years ago; certainly not to the same extent.

Any refined carbohydrates will result in the surge then the crash – sometimes referred to a ‘sugar shock’ which drains the body of energy.  Fizzy drinks, high energy drinks all contribute to the lack of energy.

Without doubt, the best food on the market today is organic food.  Organic foods are prepared for sale in a complete form usually with nothing taken out, and nothing put in – though you should always check the labels.  With all the minerals and vitamins and nutrition needed by the body contained in the natural ratio gives the body the true nutrition that it needs to run at it’s best.  It is a good idea also to leave skins on any vegetables where possible, so that the balance of vitamins and minerals are not interrupted.  Do not peel your potatoes, do not peel your apple – consume them in their natural state as this maintains the balance of nutrients in the food as it is needed in the body.

Unfortunately,  the older we get, the slower our metabolism, hence we can suffer from a lack of energy purely because we cannot consume enough of what we need i.e.  Coenzyme Q10 is used by the cell to create energy from the food you eat (see earlier blog on this), and is obtainable through the food you eat, however,   as we get older we tend to need more, and as we need 100mg and the average person eats enough to obtain 5mg from their food, it is easy to see that a supplement could come in useful in this instance, to support your diet.  In order to ensure that  you are absorbing the CoQ10 most efficiently, you can also support the bodies process with a good quality B Complex.  Where it is not possible to have the most nutritious diet available to you, then it is essential that supplements – concentrated nutrients – are taken to support your diet.

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