Beauty That Is Skin Deep…

Healthy and young-looking skin is often considered the holy grail of cosmetics, but it’s also a good indication of your general health and well-being. At the centre of skin is collagen. But what is collagen? Simply put, it is a type of protein. it connects and supports bodily tissues such as tendons, muscles, skin, bone and cartilage. there are more than twenty-five types of collagen that naturally occur in the body, making it one of the most plentiful proteins present in the bodies of mammals, including humans. In fact, it makes up about 25% of the total amount of proteins in the body. Collagen is like the glue that holds your body together. And its collagen that gives the skin its structure and youthful’ springiness.

Whilst there are many products containing synthesised collagen, there is a natural way to increase the amount of collagen in your body. The key is to maintain a balanced diet rich in the antioxidant vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. These are the vitamins that help skin to stay moist and supple, to repair itself and to produce the enzymes that stabilise the production of collagen.


Avocado and olive oil are both food for a healthy complexion.



As Antioxidants, these key vitamins sweep up free radicals that could damage the appearance and structure of your skin. Taking enough antioxidant vitamins will reduce the amount of free radical damage to your skin. This is why antioxidant vitamins will reduce the amount of free radical damage to your skin. This is why antioxidant vitamins often go hand in hand with anti-ageing regimes and are considered by some to be a key way to extend your youthful good looks into middle age and beyond.

 Vitamin-enhanced skin care products might appear to be at the forefront of the beauty and anti-ageing industries. But if you look at traditional ways of caring for your skin, it becomes abundantly clear that people have maintained healthy skin for centuries with – vitamin C in olive oil and vitamin E in avocado.

In the pursuit of gorgeous and healthy skin, it’s important to remember that as well as eating plenty of essential vitamins avoid eating foods that could be damaging for the skin. Alcohol is a key offender as it seriously depletes the vitamins in your body. So if you eat a healthy, balanced diet and then drink alcohol you’re undoing a lot of the good work you’ve done.

The key is to remember that the skin is a living organ. Unlike our heart, lungs and kidneys, our skin is an organ we can see – at the top layer. Ill health, fatigue, disease and stress all show themselves readily on your skin. Flaky skin, eczema, rashes, wrinkles, dryness, pimples and sores are all the ways in which our skin communicates with us, telling us something is wrong. So when you include the right vitamins in your diet namely vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E you should begin to see improvements in the vitality of your skin; you can also rest assured that this isn’t just about looking good. Your skin is telling you that you’re doing your body good too.     

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