Top 100 Health Tips – Eat More…

Pomegranates: Their seed oil reduces the body’s ability to store fat and they’re so sweet, they’ll satisfy that sweet tooth!

Red Peppers: They contain capsaicin, the chemical that gives them their taste and which boosts your resting metabolism up to 25%.

Avocado: It supplies you with oleic acid that aids weight loss and helps to stave off hunger pangs.


Spinach leaves: They have 50% more fibre than the rest of your greens.

Kidney beans: They contain and enzyme which tells the body to break down stored fat instead of carbs.

Pineapple: It is not only a healthy snack it also sparks your metabolism and has ‘bromolina’ which helps to break down protein.

Tomatoes: They suppress the hormone ‘ghrelin’ which is responsible for hunger pangs.

Lentils:  These pulses are packed with the amino acid ‘leucine’ which burns fat fast and could see you lose 7kg in 10 weeks.

Beef liver: It is packed with vitamin A even when cooked.  Just 3 oz of cooked beef liver has 27,185iu of vitamin A.

Almonds: If you snack on 70 almonds per day you will lose 8% body fat in six months.  Their protein and fibre will keep you feeling full.

Salmon: It has the most powerful antioxidant – astaxanthin  (which is also available as a supplement from G&G).

G&G aim to help you to find the health and nutritious diet that suits your lifestyle, however, we do understand that it is not always possible to eat the way that you need to or want to.  Therefore in those times G&G suggest that supplements may well help you to boost your diet and therefore better ready to handle that busy life!  To get our high quality, pure and effective supplements:  Click Here


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