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Eat you Chinese takeaway with chopstick: It will slow down your eating, which means your stomach has more time to digest properly and you’ll process the fat easier.  G&G’s Digestive Complex could also help.

Eat an apple 15 minutes before your meal: Your consume 187 fewer calories on average if you do.

It it didn’t swim, walk or grow out of the ground, then don’t eat it: Processed foods are loaded with unhealthy E-numbers, artificial sweeteners and trans fats (very bad for you – see earlier blog ‘What is fat anyway’ for more information).

Wait before you have seconds: It can take up to 20 minutes before your stomach ‘realises’ it is full.  If you wait yu can stop yourself from overeating. 

Don’t Miss Breakfast:Those who fail to kick-start their metabolism with a mean lin the morning, eat 100 more calories per day.  You’ll also go through the day with a lowered blood sugar level than your body needs – less energy and more tempted to eat a quick fix – not good (see earlier G&G  blog on Blood Sugar and energy).

Eat three 250-calorie, high protein snacks per day: Those who do are 30% more likely to lose weight.

Eat your green before your reds: The body’s absorption of vitamin from red fruit is almost quadrupled if you eat dark green vegetables first.

Try different cuts: If you want to lose weight but you want to eat pork try eating ham or gammon taken from the loin end of the hid leg; it packs the most protein with the minimal fat marbling.

Add a bit of chilli to your meals: It fires up your metabolism which helps to process fat faster.

Spice it up even more: Just add a bit of paprika to your meals – the ground red pepper has six times more vitamin C than a tomato.

Red meat can help you lose weight: It packs a lot of the proteins that help maintain muscle mass, and muscles burn four times as many calories as fat.  

Cook with olive oil: It is the only oil which does not need to be processed after being pressed.  Store it our of the sun in a cool dry place.

G&G Vitamins always encourage a healthy nutritious diet for you, however, we also recognise that people may be worried that they need to boost their diet for whatever reason.  With this in mind, G&G have the full range of high quality, hi-strength, pure and effective supplements to meet all your needs. If you need to supplement your diet  Click Here


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    You’re wonderful! Thanks!


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