G&G – taking quality and standards to another level…

G&G achieve AIB International recognition…AIB audit cert 2011

G&G Vitamins recently received and passed their AIB GMP Inspection, receiving a certificate of recognition from the internationally acclaimed AIB International.

“Scoring well on an AIB GMP Inspection shows that a supplier is committed to doing all they can to provide clean, safe products and is a source of pride [to both manufacturers and customers alike] “ – AIB International.

 “G&G has built a formidable reputation over the last 46 years of service to the health industry, for high quality supplements and purity of ingredients as well as high standards of manufacture” said Myles McEntyre, CEO of G&G. “Achieving AIB International recognition means that our hard work in maintaining and indeed expanding our quality gives our customers –‘own label’, trade, practitioner and consumer – peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that G&G deliver high quality products every time and to the highest possible standards, in accordance with GMP.”

Why G&G?

2011 has been a productive year for G&G with Kosher distinction for 73 of G&G brand products; becoming a member of the Vegetarian Society and now achieving AIB International recognition as well as the top hygiene score of 5 from our local environmental health inspections. G&G, being the first in the UK to be certified organic by the Soil Association, once again passed our recent inspections making this our 13th year!

For the highest quality, pure and effective supplements – after all why put anything else in to your body – G&G Vitamins !


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