G&G Vitamins expand in Europe…

G&G have long supplied distributors in Europe with their supplements; France, Holland, Germany, Hungary, to name a few. G&G continue to expand in to Europe in the New Year with new countries coming on board.

“G&G have traditionally supplied distributors in Europe from 1965 to present.” said Nancy Grier, Outreach Manager for G&G,  “Our continued reach in to this market place has resulted in great expansion for G&G. More and more countries are opening up for us not only for the G&G brand, but our contract manufacturing ‘own label’ services as well. Our recent recognition by the AIB is welcomed by our European clients’

Viktor Kuti Managing Director of Elan-Vital Budapest, Hungary has been distributing G&G products for some time, when asked why G&G he said “I chose G&G vitamins because of the quality and 100% trust in the company.  We found that people wanted high quality additives-free, natural products – and we can give them that with G&G vitamins. They supply supplements instantly, which is by far the most important thing for us. G&G’s staffs are very helpful – it is a real pleasure working with G&G!”

“Our expansion plans for 2012 are already underway; achieving our targets ahead of schedule makes for a very exciting time at G&G; closing out 2011 on a high and forging ahead into 2012!

G&G Vitamins wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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