What’s toxic about fat?

It is widely believed that the foods we eat these days are loaded with unnecessary additives designed to ensure that you become addicted to the foods. Additives such as MSG or Aspartame.  Let’s face it, the only people who gain from this is the food and drink industry and of course the manufacturers of these additives.  The more addicted we become to their products, the more we buy and interestingly enough its not the healthy organic fruit and veg and meat they add this stuff to but the crisps, chocolates, biscuits and drinks; refined foods in fact, that also cause blood sugar problems which will lead to accumulation of fat on the body some types of which are toxic.

What is toxic fat?

According to the latest research, it is thought that the fat that is most detrimental to your health is stomach fat also known as visceral fat. The reason visceral fat is so dangerous is that it is toxic. Visceral fat becomes attached to your major organs such as your liver, kidneys and gut and on down to your pelvis and releases toxins in to your blood stream which can make you feel unwell.  Conditions such as inflammation of the colon and artery walls as well as diabetes and some types of cancer are thought to be caused by visceral fat toxins. It is also thought that visceral fat may well increase the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, coupled with lowering the levels of the ‘feel-good’ endorphins.

You’ve no doubt heard it said that the only time that we feel happy is when we are eating, and that is not accidental.  MSG makes us feel good when we are eating it as and is designed to make us want more.  It is a vicious circle of toxins from the visceral fat making you feel bad and the MSG making your feel good!

How to break this circle?

The good news is that the visceral fat is easier to shift than normal subcutaneous fat.  Tests have proved that some simple lifestyle and diet changes show a distinct and fast dropping of the visceral fat in a short time, thereby lessening the health risks.

But who has the energy to exercise when one is carrying around so much extra weight?

It is difficult to wean ourselves’ off of refined foods that is true, however 4 – 7 days without refined foods in the diet, can make an incredible difference to one’s energy levels and ability to get around. And pretty soon those fruit and vegetables begin taste wonderful!  You may notice how good the body feels when eating the foods that it actually needs – it thrives on!  It is also an idea to take a chromium complex supplement to support any dietary changes you are effecting.

Much of the food these days is so lacking in nutrition that deficiencies can occur.  It is a good idea to supplement your new nutritious diet with good quality supplements; all of which will support your body whilst you are getting in to your new healthier lifestyle.

In changing to a healthier eating plan, always make sure that you do this sensibly.  It is not a good idea to cut out all fats for example.  Read our earlier blog what is fat anyway for information on the kids of fats that one should and should not eat.  For information on refined foods and how they work against us read our blog on ‘refined foods


It is not necessary to start off your exercise regime at a million miles an hour.  It is far more sustainable and effective to build up to a comfortable regimen such as walking for a short time each day, and building up to walking for one hour per day perhaps – over a number of weeks. Swimming is a fantastic all-round exercise, however, start off with one length of the pool or even half, and build up over time to half an hour or an hour of swimming.  You will be surprised at how quickly your energy levels come up and you will feel great!

I sincerely hope that this information is of some help to you and would ask that you share it with someone you think it may help.

Nancy Grier – G&G Vitamins

p.s. If you are concerned about deficiencies, then you can take G&G’s FREE Nutritional Deficiency Test at www.vittest.com, where a qualified nutritionist will evaluate your test and give you dietary as well as supplementary advice should you need it.

For all your supplementary needs go to: www.gandgvitamins.com.


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