Who makes money out of us being overweight or obese…

Obesity, what is it and how can you tell you have it…

Obesity is when your body is over weight and has excess fat to the extent that it is harmful creating a negative and sometimes dangerous effect on your health and wellbeing. It is measured by the BMI (Body Mass Index) which measures whether you are a healthy weight for your height.

The most common reason a person can become overweight or obese is eating more calories than one is using up, however, that is not the entire story.

Life is fast these days.  We find ourselves buying ready meals, or ordering in food, or buying the easiest and cheapest foods available.  The trouble with this is that there are so many additives in those foods designed to ensure that we want to eat more and more, and more of the same thing; they are addictive in other words.  As well as this though, these foods are full of fats, sugars and salts, create insulin shock and creating the need by the body (due to rapid drops in blood sugar) to eat the quick-fix refined foods; and so the calories pile in.

When you are over weight or obese, it is more and more difficult to get up and do the exercise that your body needs and so whilst you are eating loads of calories, you become less inclined to exercise your body.

With our lifestyle changing and so many ‘convenience foods’ the number of people becoming overweight and obese has pretty much tripled since 1980.  Seven out of 10 men are now overweight or obese, and six out of 10 women are overweight or obese. These foods are also nutritionally deficient and alter the natural course of the body (Read our blog on the effects of refined foods on the body: https://gandgvitamins.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/blood-sugar-fat-and-lack-of-energy/ )

Being overweight or obese opens up a number of health problems for us, some of which are very serious: type two diabetes, high blood pressure, aching joints and osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, sleeping problems, back pain, breathlessness and some types of cancer as well as gall bladder problems.

We also suffer from low self esteem, low expectations and lack of purpose in life, we can feel less worthy, embarrassed, weak… in truth, we just feel low and it is hard to believe that all of this can be caused by the foods being thrown at us from all angles every day and everywhere we go!  It’s like putting the wrong petrol in the wrong engine – it may well putter along, but it won’t do the engine any good and eventually it will breakdown altogether.

Who would benefit from our being overweight or obese and addicted to these foods?  The answer is easy – the food industry.  Why?  Because the additives in the foods we eat encourage us to eat more and more. Some of these additives are addictive!  Trying to stop eating them is like trying to stop smoking!  And because if they can get us addicted to their foods then we will keep on buying them and they will keep making millions – at our expense and in some cases, perhaps even our life!

And it’s not just us adults! What about our kids?

Over weight and obesity in children can be avoided if we  start when they are very young.

The trouble is, we eat the ‘convenient foods, comfort foods and treats’; and feed the same to our kids (and they are just as addictive to them) – so why would we expect anything other than our children becoming overweight?

And as well as creating overweight children, some of these additives are thought to create behavioural problems in children, when all that may be needed is a simple change in diet.  It has been found that many children struggling with behaviour are deficient in selenium, calcium and zinc. Ensuring that they get foods rich in these minerals is essential and much less harmful to them than the drugs foisted on us by the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries, who are actually make millions out of us every year doing just that!  Ritalin for example carries a ‘black box warning’  in the USA; “The drugs, which include GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s Dexedrine and Novartis AG’s Ritalin, must include a warning about the possible risk of sudden death and serious heart problems, Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Susan Bro told Reuters“.(from article in Daily Mail).  Ritalin – also known as ‘Kiddy Cocaine’ should not be the first port of call –  rather a good healthy diet and exercise.

Like us, the more overweight the child becomes, the less he/she will want to exercise – after all, who wants to set themselves up as the butt of jokes by bullies at school. But we put kids in this position because they are not in control of the food that is put down to them or brought in to the house. So it is up to us to make sure that changes! They trust us to take care of their health and wellbeing and we can start right now!

Prevention better than cure…

We’ve heard it said that prevention is better than cure and that is true; it is better to ensure that your diet is healthy and containing all the nutrients that you and your child’s body needs.

Next week, I will be blogging about different kinds of foods, diets and the calories they contain and which your body needs in order to function better which will help you in your quest for a healthy body and losing weight should you wish to do so.

Share this blog with your friends and family – we all know someone who may need help in getting on to a healthy lifestyle…

Nancy Grier – G&G Vitamins

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For information on healthy food options, read our earlier blogs:





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