Research shows common deficiencies….

A recent tabulation of our Vitamin Deficiency Test (by G&G) done on 100 people, shows that woman over the age of 50 do not excersise on a regular basis with only 15% saying that there are active in any way 32% are overweight 20% of them do not drink enough water and 43% do not eat enough protein.

The main medical conditions are High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid problems and Arthritis.  59% have taken antibiotics in the last two years.

59% are under medical supervision for their condition, whilst 55% are taking medical drugs to help with the condition.

But the most prominent conditions in life that they find themselves with is fatigue and stress, with joint pains following closely and skin problems.

Whilst 41% of this public do take a multivitamin and mineral, it appears that what they are taking is not strong enough in each component part, as the deficiency/recommendation of food supplements shows that 91% appear to be most deficient in is the B vitamins with only 16% taking a B complex in their daily lives.  Lecithin and Kelp are also strongly recommended.

Vitamin E is only taken by 11% however, 89% show a need for this nutrient and it is very apparent that minerals are needed with only 12% of people taking Zinc and 14% taking calcium with much less taking magnesium – hence perhaps the stress levels elevated.

What is apparent is that the average diet is not sufficient to ensure that the health and wellbeing of people is taken care of.  It is essential that they supplement their diet to ensure that the autumn and winter of their lives are stress free and they are not mired in fatigue and painful joints.

If you are worried you may be deficient in any nutrients check out our nutritional deficiency test (upon which the above is based). You can take the test for FREE!  Just go into ‘Free Nutritional Deficiency Test’ page located at the top of the the blog.Or click on any of the pictures in this blog!

Have a great day!


Nancy Grier – G&G Vitamins





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