Tips for Spring Health…

Prepare For Allergies…

If you know that you are prone to sniffles and sneezes as the weather warms up, now is the time to stock up on all the right vitaminsVitamin C is a great favourite among naturopathic doctors for its amazing antioxidant properties. Bee propolis is a favourite for those of us who keep an eye on the pollen count every year.

Become An Early Bird…

Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier are healthier than those night owls who snooze the morning away.  Take advantage of the early morning and get a good dose of your much-needed vitamin D whilst jogging, walking or cycling in the early morning sun!

Protect Against Flu…

Most people think that winter is the most likely time to catch a cold or flu, but this is not the case.  During the spring a lot of people with a weak immune system catch colds or even flu.  Prepare against this time of year with increased nutrients needed to boost your immune system.  Food such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables high in vitamin B complex as well as fruits for Vitamin C, meat and eggs to boost other nutrients to support a good balance and garlic which has antibiotic properties.

Spring Clean Your Make Up…

Cosmetics that have expired can cause bacterial infections in and around the eyes .  Prevent this by having a good clean out of your make up ensuring that you throw out all the items that are expired.  Protect your eyes and skin from bacterial infection and breakouts.  This includes your skin care products.  Avoid skin care products with heavy detergents, chemicals, parfams and parabins as these are additives that you do not need to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

Get a bit dirty…

And let your kids get dirty too!  Getting dirty can aid your tolerance for common bacteria and actually aids the immune system in spotting these bacteria and handling them as it is supposed to.  If you are never exposed to germs your body does not develop the skill to deal with them.  When common bacteria routinely inhabit our body, they can produce vitamins and proteins they need and help make our immune and gastrointestinal systems work better.

Get In The Garden…

Gardening is a fantastic way to burn those calories as well as giving your muscles a good work out.  And look at the product – a nice, well-kept garden to sit and relax in the summer months. So work up a sweat by mowing, raking, digging, planting out…and enjoy not only the fruits of your labour, but a healthier and fitter body too!

If you feel that you are not able to get all the nutrients you need from your food, it is advisable to supplement as it is essential that your body has all its nutrients in order run at its best.  Some foods have high levels of fat, sugar and salt and low, low levels of nutrients and fibre.

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