Who wants you to think you’ll be successful if you eat/drink their product?

The Olympic Games London 2012 are just around the corner!

Watching the most healthy and fit athletes on the planet will perform to the highest of their abilities is inspirational to all of us.  Truthfully, you ask kids whose opinion they value and they will tell you their favourite sports personality David Beckham is a good example of this!

Eating healthily is essential not only for these highly trained athletes, but for you and me too – sure we may not want to achieve the heights of our favourite sports personality, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel even a fraction of fitness that they feel!

Not one single athlete of these games got there by eating junk food or drinks that are so loaded in fats, salt and sugar and so refined as to cause serious problems for their body.  Their diets are finely tuned to give their body what it needs to perform at these high levels.  But the funny thing is, they are the same nutritious foods and supplements that are available to you and me!

So as well as being inspired to get fit when admiring these amazing people, we can really help ourselves by checking our diet and that of our kids, to make sure that we are eating what our body needs to become fitter and healthier and we can feel really good!

In a recent article by the BBC News,  believe it or not, many of the sponsors of the Olympic Games are junk food and drink providers, who will be bombarding us with advertising.  Not only that, but where right now,  we have the choice of whether we want to watch the ads or not, this may change for the ‘games, as it has been suggested that subliminal advertising may be used by major sponsors (Prof Nilli Lavie of UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience).  This means that you and your kids will have no choice about whether you are exposed to junk food and drink ad (that you won’t even notice are there but which your mind observes and acts upon on a subconcious level). This also means that even if you can record the events to watch after work, you will not be able to  fast forward the ads… If you want to watch your favourite event, you have to process the ads, and so do your kids.

This insidious form of advertising is all about positioning – athletes are successful – junk food sponsor and advertise = eat junk food and be as successful as these athletes.

If you need help or tips on a healthy diet and lifestyle or even losing weight, then read our earlier blogs on are food cravings a lack of willpower or something else and calories – what’s the big deal.  Also if you wonder why junk food is so bad for us, read the blog on blood sugar, fat and lack of energy.

Think healthy, eat healthy, take your supplements, exercise that body – and feel great!

Nancy Grier                                                                                                                 G&G Vitamins


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