Meet our multi-national staff…

Meet Our Multi-National G&G Brands Sales Team…

Myles McEntyre CEO. Myles has worked with G&G for 10 years and is very knowledgeable in all areas of the company from G&G brand to contract manufacturing.

Dorothy Lehner Brands Sales and Delivery Executive. Dorothy has worked with G&G for 21 years. Dorothy has worked in sales for most of this time and it a  very experience and terrific team leader for her sales guys.

Both Myles and Dorothy are from South Africa!

Violeta Aquino is our Brands Mail Order Sales Manager and has worked for G&G for 5 years now.  Violeta is well liked by her customers who say that she is very friendly and helpful. Violet also handles sales to Practitioners throughout the UK and Europe.

Violeta is from the Philippines originally.

Evette Sice is our Brands Trade Sales Manager and has worked for G&G a total of 5 years.

Evette has a terrific reputation among her customers for her caring and friendly service.

Evette is also South African!

And Mark Sheppard is our Brands Delivery and Stock Control Manager and has worked at G&G for 7 years. Mark picks and packs at the speed of light!

Here is Mark serving a Trade customer who has come into our factory shop to pick up her order.

Mark is English!

G&G are proud of our staff, we work hard and work closely as a team. Most of our staff have been hear for years.

We have staff from South Africa, Scotland, England, Italy, Germany, Philippines, France, Sri Lanka, Poland, Hungary…

We have customers all over the world so why not staff from all over the world too!

Our watch words are Quality and Service. And that is the reason we have been servicing health conscious people since 1965!

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