Antibiotics killed…

all the good bacteria in my body…

A man on the Jeremy Vine radio 2 show was prescribed an antibiotic for a condition, and the dose was too high and for too long a time for the illness in question, that he was close to liver failure due to acute dehydration. Doctors said that the antibiotic had killed all the good bacteria in his body!

It is essential when you take antibiotics, that you replenish the good bacteria once  you have finished the course.  Doctors used to prescribe probiotics to be taken after antibiotics, years ago.  It was good advice then, it is good advice now.

When you lose the good bacteria in your gut, the bad bacteria such as yeast, will take over and cause major problems with your health.  For more information on probiotics and the part they play in your digestive system and the wellbeing of your body read Why probiotics are so important  an informative article we hope you will find useful and Why probiotics are so important part 2 an article giving more information on the part probiotics play in our everyday gut heatlh.

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Nancy Grier

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