Top Hungarian Distributor visits G&G…

G&G Vitamins flew our top Hungarian distributor over to our head office in East Grinstead this week for a meeting and tour of our manufacturing plant!

Viktor Kuti, Zsuzsa Tromboczky and Ludwig Bodrik – owners of Elan-Vital, Budapest, Hungary met with Myles McEntyre, Executive Director of G&G, along with Nicky Wood, our Director of Sales and Marketing, Dorothy Lehner our Sales and Deliver Manager and Evette Sice our Trade Sales Manager.

It was an exciting and lively meeting with discussion of the continued expansion of the G&G brand in Hungary along with the successful actions that are ongoing and working out how G&G can further support Elan-Vital on in to 2013. The meeting continued through the afternoon, ending with the tour of the manufacturing plant.

Before lunch, G&G’s PR Nancy Grier, presented Elan-Vital with a certificate of acknowledgment in recognition of their stellar performance throughout 2011 as the top distributor of the G&G brand in Hungary!

To end the visit (and as our guests expressed a wish to see the Champions League semi-final in a traditional English pub), we spent a pleasant dinner at the Dorset Arms in East Grinstead – where Spain won on penalties!

‘G&G are moving forward with our strategic plan for 2012 and enjoying the expansion that brings.’ Myles McEntyre commented. ‘Our distributors are an essential part of the G&G team, cementing our relationship moves us forward towards our common goal!



Lunch was catered by Bluebells Cafe in East Grinstead, who provided a wonderful lunch and service…


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