Why 85% of our customers say G&G brand is the best…

The service is 2nd to none! Always greeted by a smile. Very helpful and informative’ H.H.

The best qualtiy products and the service is always excellent and helpful’ K.J.

Superb service and quality’ D.W.

Excellent [products and service]! ‘

And you can get your loyalty card and earn stamps when you buy saving yourself money later on!

Or if you go online you can earn Reward Points at www.gandgvitamins.com


5 responses to “Why 85% of our customers say G&G brand is the best…

  1. Could you stop sending me emails I have asked you many times to remove me from your email list.I have blocked numerous of your email address I find it very harassing and I will not be buy any of your supplements.


    • Dear Chris, Certainly I will do that. Can you give me your email address and any other email address’ that you may have received our mail through as it may be that you are receiving mail through more than one. It is not unusual for this to happen. I apologise for the incovenience and can certainly understand your frustration. if you email me on ngrier@gandgvitamins.com with your address I will unsubscribe you immediately and if any problems I will ask for your assistance so that we achieve what you want. Kin regards Nancy Grier – G&G Vitamins.


  2. Many Thanks for you help Chris


  3. Eloiza Zaldine

    Hi Nancy, can you give me an insight on why do I have to choose your vitamins rather than choose Dr. Mercola’s natural supplements? One example is about this product which is a tea http://organicindia.mercola.com/tulsi-tea.aspx and they said that it was made naturally and no preservatives added too.


    • Hi Eloiza, Lovely to hear from you! To answer your question. There are many natural ways to supplement your diet and help to maintain good health. The important thing for us is that there are no additives in our products, that they are effective in supplementing the diet without aggravating any intolerances as they have no wheat, yeast, lactose, gluten or added sugars. If you are happy with your current supplements and they are serving your need, then that is wonderful. You can read about our products on http://www.gandgvitamins.com if you wish to compare, then you can make an informed choice as to the brand you would prefer. I hope this helps and answers your questions. Nancy – G&G Vitamins.


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