Vitamins 100th Aniversary!

Vitamins are 100 years old – that is to say that the first vitamin – B1 Thiamin – was discovered 100 years ago by Casimir Funk accoring to an  article by Hank Schultz on 27th September for Nutraingredients-usa.

Funk discovered all that time ago, that white rice was not good for us, as Thiamine is polished off brown rice to make it white, and therefore caused dificiencies and as a consequence the condition of Beri Beri came about.

White rice was used as high energy food in the Japanese navy, who had the highest rate of Beri Beri which was investigated by Kanehiro Takaki who’s reseatch presaged Funk.
Funk named his discover ‘vital amine‘ thinking that it was of the amine group – however it has since been discovered that not all vitamins are of the amine group but the name stuck!

Since then of course, many many more of these vitamins have been discovered – to check out G&G Vitamins click here!
Nancy Grier

G&G Vitamins.


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