Fairtrade Friday for G&G Vitamins!

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual event that brings to the fore the purpose of the Faitrade movement, showing companies how easy it is to become Fairtrade!

‘G&G Vitamins support Fairtrade by providing Fairtrade tea, coffee, herb teas and biscuits for our visitors’ says Nancy Grier PR for G&G Vitamins ‘ We are proud to support Fairtrade.’

DSC_0014Here you can see the Executives of G&G Vitamins with their Faitrade tea and coffee and reading the Fairtrade leaflets.


‘Fairtrade provide a free Faitrade Guide pack which contains leaflets and a yearly wall calender ‘ said Nancy ‘ it is so simple to order and arrives with you next day!’

Fairtrade is about better conditions of work, education through fair prices for work and product.  Prior to Fairtrade, the farmers were poor and exploited.  The Fairtrade movement highlights the problem by encouraging people to buy Fairtrade.

For more information on what G&G Vitamins have to offer pay our website a visit! G&G Vitamins


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