Marathon Runners Greeted by Local Celebrities….

On the right, you can see the route the marathon is taking from the bottom of the UK all the way up to Edinburgh in Scotland. That is over 600 miles! A fantastic undertaking indeed.

Marathon runners stop of in East Grinstead where they are greeted by local celebrities brother.

‘We were joined by Peter Andre’s brother, Danny Andre who runs New York Coffee Club He was only too happy to help us; some of his friends had died because of drugs. After the photo calls, he treated us all to a free coffee!’

Also joined by Adam of Big Brother fame, and local artist Susanne Lawrence both dedicated supporters of the marathon and the Drug-free UK Campaign.

Runners with G&G products.
Marathon runners were supplied with G&G’s Essential Executive daily packs as well as Cal-Mag Kits, Tissue Salts and other minerals.

The Truth About Drugs Marathon is sponsored by local and international vitamin company; G&G Vitamins of East Grinstead who have supplied the needed supplements for the runners to boost their diet during the marathon.  

Watch this space for daily updates on how the marathon and local events that are taking place.

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One response to “Marathon Runners Greeted by Local Celebrities….

  1. Mark EaglesMarathon for a Drug-Free UK
    “The vitamins and supplements provided by G&G Vitamins for the runners make a big difference with both performance and well-being on the marathon.”


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