Mammoth Marathon week three!

As the Marathon for a Drug-Free UK  enters its third week, news is reaching us from Moss Side and Salford in Manchester, on up through Bradford and into Yorkshire!

marathon local police moss sideThe marathon runners take 3 weeks or more out of their busy schedules to do this marathon, and whilst running up the length of the country, they give lectures to school children giving them the Truth About Drugs, as well as giving an education pack onmarathon salford city radio interview Truth About Drugs to local police as you can see here in Moss Side, Manchester.  Radio interviews are also given like this one here in Salford, Manchester, as well as handing out Truth About Drugs Booklets in the busy shopping streets of each town that they visit.  The marathon also urge local businesses to sign Croydon Pledgesthe pledge showing their support. Marathon moss side manchesterHere we have the owner of a boxing club showing his support by signing the pledge.

Marathon Bradford

Here we have a shop owner in Bradford reading his copy of the Truth About Drugs booklet.

The Marathon reaches Kirklees in Yorkshire. marathon kirklees yorkshire

The Marathon for a Drug-Free UK runners are sponsored by G&G Vitamins who supplied the supplements the runners needed to supplement their diet to support the increased demands of their body on this mammoth marathon.


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