Balcombe Summer Fete….

Balcombe Show 009Last Saturday was the Balcombe Fete organized by the Balcombe Village Community Association.

It was a beautiful day; hot and sunny, which brought out a terrific attendance from Balcombe and surrounding villages. Here Melanie of G&G Vitamins is chatting to some of the attendees.

A typical English village fair, there was tug’o war for kids and adults, football Balcombe Show 007games, sack races and soapcart racing,  as well as a competition for fly-fishing casting competition as well as lessons in casting!

As well as stands for plants, crafts and ice cream, G&G Vitamins can be seen here, enjoying the wonderful community atmosphere.  Balcombe Show 003

Bob Parker of G&G Vitamins, pictured here, said “It was a typical English fete – I was very impressed. I would say that anyone who wanted a nice day out with the kids came to the right place. Very community spirited”

G&G Vitamins generated much interest in their products, as well as lots of new customers.

G&G Vitamins where showing their Organic EssentialFood which has recently been entered into a competition for best organic food product in Your Health Living Magazine.

“It is nice to do these community fete’s, G&G Vitamins support our community, and we find this is a good way to do that” said Melanie – pictured above.

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