Vitamin Company bring in more machinery to meet demand….

G&G Vitamins have brought in another shrink-wrap machine and are awaiting delivery of an additional 12 track SwiftPack counter/filler machine to help cope Shrink Machine with the increased demand for ‘own label’ manufacturing.

For the last three years, G&G have been working on their strategic plan to increase production and expand the company both in the UK and across Europe; pushing out promotion when perhaps the economic climate may have dictated otherwise has paid off in increased production and bringing in new machinery to help with current workload and allow even more expansion in the coming months and years.

‘Our strategic plan is working, and we are on target to increase the business even more’ said Myles McEntyre, CEO of G&G Vitamins. ‘We have a good team who are all working in the same direction. We are looking forward to a very bright future.’

Nancy Grier                                                                                                                          PR Manager                                                                                                                      G&G Vitamins


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