Organic Fortnight Replaced With…

ORGANIC MONTH…September 2013

bigstockphoto_Market_669380The Soil Association, the governing body for all things organic and certification in the UK,  want to make sure that we are all aware of the healthier options available to us food wise in the organic arena and have declared September Organic Awareness Month.

Going wholly organic is perhaps not an option for everyone, but perhaps it is possible to go ‘one product organic’ as a start.

Here’s an organic option for breakfast that is tasty, quick and easy and bursting with energy and only 69 calories per serving – what’s not to love!

Quick to make and take… low calorie breakfast with attitude…and it’s organic!

 As part of your calorie balanced diet, check out this wonderful, quick to bigstock_Fruit_And_Vegetable_Juice_4045016make smoothie that has everything in it you need for a delicious low- calorie breakfast or lunch…with a bit of a boost.   And it is organic!

Bit of info…

 There are fifteen fruits and vegetables that whilst containing calories, actually use more calories to digest them!  In other words – negative calories fruits and veggies. Organic of course.

 Bit more info…

Organic Essential Food (green food) is only 69 calories per 20g scoop… (it contains spirulina, quinoa, bilberries, carrots, apples, barley grass, pre-sprouted barley, turmeric, flaxseed and kelp.)  It is sweetened only with apple, bilberry fruit and  carrot and every ingredient in it is organic.

 YHL Best Organic magazineOkay here’s the recipe…

  • Organic Strawberries to taste
  • Organic Apples to taste
  •  Organic Watermelon to taste

Blend it together in your smoothie maker, pour in to your ‘on the go’ cup and away you go!

 Totally yummy; total calories 138; totally organic!

 If you add fruit juice then remember to check the calories and add for your overall calorie intake and try to make your fruit juice organic too!

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Nancy – The Natural Choice Blogger.


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