This Girl is Going Out…

This coming weekend is the Girls Day Out exhibition in Glasgow.  The exhibition goes from the Friday 29th November to Sunday 1st December.

Essential Food Tub Shot

Organic EssentialFood was Highly Commended in the Organic competition with Your Healthy Living magazine recently.

Girls Day Out Show Only Offer…

G&G Vitamins have a stand at the exhibition this year – stand number D2 where you can get 3 for £10 slimming products as well as 3 for £10 Children’s Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula as well as sample our award-winning Organic EssentialFood a wonderful  supplement to your diet; could come in handy after the feast that is Christmas!

G0100 G0101 G0102  G0338

Or you can check out their other products, such as the Meno-Time, a seriously handy product for later in life…or Cal-M – calcium, magnesium and cider vinegar freeze-dried formula to which you add water for a wonderful drink especially at night, winding down after a busy day.  This is a unique product, you won’t get anywhere else…

Pop along to the Girls Day Out exhibition and have some fun girls… lots of retail therapy; who could ask for anything more…

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

The Natural Choice blogger

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