Blood Pressure – By Adelle Davis

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Adelle Davis was one of the world’s best-known advocates of a proper diet and an outspoken campaigner for good nutrition by vitamins. Qualified in dietetics and biochemistry she worked for many years as a nutritionist. Her books ‘Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit’ and ‘Let’s Get Well’ are both multi-million copy bestsellers, focusing on preventive rather than curative nutrition. Here’s an excerpt from her book ‘Let’s Get Well’:

Before writing this chapter, I asked several persons – all intelligent individuals – to define or describe blood pressure and received the following amazing answers: ‘That’s how hard your heart pumps,’ ‘What you feel in your ears,’ ‘It means you get a stroke,’ ‘A squeeze put on something ’til you explode’ and ‘It’s when your pulse is abnormal.’ By then I decided blood pressure should be explained.

The function of blood pressure.

The force exerted by the blood against the walls of…

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