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Team Seasiders ‘Race the Sun 2014’…. and live to tell the tale….

TriathlonRace the Sun is a hugely popular team challenge set in the stunning Lake District. Teams of four are challenged to cycle 50 miles, climb Hellvellyn and canoe Lake Thirlmere. Starting at sunrise and finishing by sunset – Racing the Sun!

All funds raised by the challenge will support the work of Action Medical Research and will make a huge difference to the research the charity is able to fund offering hope to the many thousands of families across the UK who are dealing with the trauma of a baby born too early, striving to support a child affected by disability, or facing the challenge of caring for a child with a rare and devastating disease for which there is no cure.

This year the Seasiders’ armed with G&G’s organic EssentialFood, Elete Electrolyte Add-In and Cal-M, took only 8hrs 43minutes to complete the entire event finishing in 4th place overall, a fantastic result considering they started in 74th position from 85 teams!

Whilst the weather was good on the day, the rain fall over the preceding week, made the off-road section treacherous and a dangerous decent, plus strong winds (60mph) up on Hellvellyn proved something of a challenge

As one of the 11 teams of ‘Golden Oldies’ (all team members collective age 180 years+), The Seasiders’ only missed out on winning the entire event by a short margin, and did win the ‘Golden Oldies’ Award only 12 minutes behind the younger team that won the race – though the youngsters had a 10 minute start on The Seasiders’ !

Nick said “I used the Elete in all drinks as I sweat a lot in exercise and I got cramp badly last year in the final leg, so this time all drinks were loaded with Elete and it worked a treat… I used one bottle of EssentialFood and Cal-M.  All nutrition [from G&G] worked well as I didn’t have to overload my system with too much sugary gels; only when I needed them. Thanks for the samples, they were really helpful.”

Meet Team Seasiders' Nick Regan, Mike Fix, Dan Brown and Steve Fix.

Meet Team Seasiders’ Nick Regan, Mike Fix, Dan Brown and Steve Fix.

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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This Girl is Going Out…

This coming weekend is the Girls Day Out exhibition in Glasgow.  The exhibition goes from the Friday 29th November to Sunday 1st December.

Essential Food Tub Shot

Organic EssentialFood was Highly Commended in the Organic competition with Your Healthy Living magazine recently.

Girls Day Out Show Only Offer…

G&G Vitamins have a stand at the exhibition this year – stand number D2 where you can get 3 for £10 slimming products as well as 3 for £10 Children’s Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula as well as sample our award-winning Organic EssentialFood a wonderful  supplement to your diet; could come in handy after the feast that is Christmas!

G0100 G0101 G0102  G0338

Or you can check out their other products, such as the Meno-Time, a seriously handy product for later in life…or Cal-M – calcium, magnesium and cider vinegar freeze-dried formula to which you add water for a wonderful drink especially at night, winding down after a busy day.  This is a unique product, you won’t get anywhere else…

Pop along to the Girls Day Out exhibition and have some fun girls… lots of retail therapy; who could ask for anything more…

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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The Vitamin Experts by Health Food Business magazine…


Truth about Vitamins…

After 27 Years: No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from Prescription Drugs

By Anthony Gucciardi- Activist PostOver the past 27 years — the complete timeframe that the data has been available —  there have been 0 deaths as a result of vitamins and over 3 million deaths related to prescription drug use in the USA alone. In fact, going back 54 years there have only been 11 claims of vitamin-related death, all of which provided no substantial evidence to link vitamins to the cause of death. The news comes after a recent statistically analysis found that pharmaceutical drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the US.

In 2009, drugs exceeded the amount of traffic-related deaths, killing at least 37,485 people nationwide.

The findings go against the claims of mainstream medical ‘experts’  and mainstream media outlets who often push the idea that multivitamins are detrimental to your health, and that prescription drugs are the only science-backed option to improving your health. While essential nutrients like Vitamin D are continually being shown to slash your risk of disease such as diabetes and cancer, prescription pharmaceuticals are continually being linked to such conditions. In fact, the top-selling therapeutic class pharmaceutical drug has been tied to the development of diabetes and even suicide, and whistleblowers are just now starting to speak out despite studies as far back as the 80s highlighting the risks.

Mainstream medical health officials were recently forced to speak out over the danger of antipsychotic drugs, which millions of children have been prescribed since 2009. U.S. pediatric health advisers blew the whistle over the fact that these pharmaceuticals can lead to diabetes and even suicide, the very thing they aim to prevent. What is even more troubling is that half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental condition during their lifetime thanks to lack of diagnosis guidelines currently set by the medical establishment, of which many cases will lead to the prescription of antipsychotics and other similar medications.

Covering up the side effects

In order to protect sales, the link between suicide and antipsychotic drugs was completely covered up by Eli Lilly & Co, the makers of Prozac. Despite research stretching as far back as the 1980s finding that Prozac actually leads to suicide, the company managed to hide the evidence until a Harvard psychiatrist leaked the information into the press. The psychiatrist, Martin Teicher, stated that the American people were being treated like guinea pigs in a massive pharmaceutical experiment.

Greedy and oftentimes prescription-happy doctors are handing out antipsychotic medication like candy to adults and young children alike. In 2008, antipsychotics became the top-selling therapeutic class prescription drug in the United States and grossing over $14 billion in sales.

Antipsychotic drugs are not the only dangerous pharmaceuticals. The average drug label contains 70 side effects, though many popular pharmaceuticals have been found to contain 100 to 125. Some drugs, prescribed by doctors to supposedly improve your health, come with over 525 negative reactions.

Ritalin, for example, has been linked to conditions including:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased alertness
  • Suppressed appetite
Perhaps the hundreds of negative side effects is part of the reason why the FDA announced last year that it is pulling more than 500 cold and allergy off the market due to health concerns. Prescription drugs kill more people than traffic accidents, and come with up to 525 negative side effects. Avoiding these drugs and utilizing high quality organic alternatives like whole food-based multivitamins and green superfoods will lead to a total health transformation without harsh side effects and an exponentially increased death risk.
For your high quality, pure and effective supplements…Organic Essential Food – green superfood and Highest quality multivitamin and mineral formula available now and G&G Vitamins.

Seriousness of deficiency…

by D. Elroi, BSc. Harvard, MSc. Penn.

When people feel in excellent health they dont usually take much interest in health matters.  But when there are aches and pains and other disturbances, that is when a solution is demanded – and promptly!

It is therefore welcome to find an instant drink, trade-named Cal-M…being an wholly natural mineral combination and therefore a nutrient; supplies substances that the body is evidently short of, Cal-M is a powder, supplying the mineral acetates derived from Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Carbonate and Organic Cider Vinegar, all mixed and dried and providing the following amounts per approximately 2g:

  • Calcium                164mg
  • Magnesium         12.6mg
  • Potassium             5.2mg
  • Phosphorus        180mcg
  • Zinc (at least)      2.4mcg
  • Iron (about)        10mcg

Acidity in pH units is 5.5 throughout.  For those unable to tolerate milk, please note that the calcium-magnesium content of one teaspoon of Cal-M resemble those of 100g cow’s milk.  The incorporation of cider vinegar into the formula serves a number of purposes:

  • To convert the insoluble calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate, into soluble calcium acetate and magnesium acetate.
  • To provide a mildly acidic medium, which furthers the absorption of the substances in the digestive system.
  • Hinders fungal and bacterial decomposition of the powder when stored under normal circumstances.
  • Provides elements such as potassium and phosphorus and trace elements such as zinc and iron and some vitamins.

The unique method of combining the ingredients gives a product which is rapidly soluble in boiling water.  The presence of the cider vinegar gives a very pleasant mild taste to the solution.

To understand why calcium, magnesium and potassium supplement might be useful, let us see what the functions of these minerals are in the body.

Calcium is needed for bone and tooth building and repair, for muscle function – especially heart-muscle function for proper blood clotting and in the transmission of nerve impulses.  Magnesium is also one of the components of bones, it is an indispensable factor int he absorption and balance of calcium and due to this characteristic of being a balance to calcium it enables the muscles to relax after every  contraction.  Magnesium is a starter (catalyst) for most of the chemical reactions in the body; it is notably a co-enzyme for the absorption of protein and for many other enzyme systems and reactions where ATP is formed (ATP supplies energy for the utilization of sugars, proteins and fats). Magnesium is also vital int he transmission of nerve impulses (messages).

Potassium too is vital in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions, not least in the heart and in the intestines.  In the latter, this mobility plays a most important part int he process of digestion.  Potassium and sodium balance each other and thus balance the fluids int he body which determines to what degree the potassium will be retained of excreted.The above shows to some degree, how much these major minerals are interdependent.

The cider vinegar which is used exclusively in this product is outstanding in that it is grown organically in England and in that in its various production processes no preservatives are used.  According to Maurice Hanssen and D. J. Jarvis, cider vinegar has been used for many generations as a very satisfactory natural health remedy. Part of its effects appear to be due to its vitamin and mineral content in which the acetic acid seems to have a specific value of its own.  Another one of the traditional folk remedies is copper…[also contained in cider vinegar] .

As for the other minerals and vitamins contained in varying, if small amounts in Cal-M such as iron, zinc, phosphorus and B6: suffice to say at this point that researchers are becoming increasingly aware that not only the minerals which exist relatively large quantities in the body are important for its role; even relatively small amounts of some of these substances are indispensable to correct functioning and repair.

What concerns us here are deficiencies of one or a number of the above mentioned substances, and how this expresses itself. For it is only when the body sends out signals of distress that we realise there is something ‘amiss’.

How and when do deficiencies occur?

For a start, simply because not enough foods containing them are eaten (or drunk in the case of milk, a major supplier of calcium), due to lack of information, habit, fads and diets.  This includes the unfortunate prevalence of many foods stripped of vital nutrients such as white rice, white sugar and white flour, and foods grown in mineral-deficient soils.

Then there are a number of  factors which either prevent full absorption of these nutrients, or which cause excessive excretion.  Amonst these are: stress, kidney malfunction, prolonged diarrhoea and/or taking laxatives, many drugs and synthetic hormones, increased needs during breast-feeding, eating very large amounts of proteins, or drinking too much alcohol, excessive sweating (due to physical exertion, prolonged  steam-baths or sauna and due to hot weather for instance).

Though hardly any of us test our bodies’  mineral and vitamin content daily, still we suffer when we have a  lack or imbalance.

Deficiencies the result…

Chronic tiredness, tension and ‘nerves’, muscular spasms and stomach cramps, pre-menstrual tension and menstrual cramps, athletes’ over exhaustion and under-performance, arthritis, coeliac disease, breathing difficulties, loss of memory, heart irregularities and even heart failure, diabetes mellitus, cold hands and feet, insomnia, facial tics and twinges, aching feet, loss of muscle tone and breaking bones (due to osteoporosis).

In babies, there may be much crying due to stomach cramps and other paid, tetany (convulsions), breathing difficulties, shown to be mainly due to magnesium deficiency, and in children – inadequate growth, ‘laziness’ inability to concentrate, excessive tiredness as well as sleeping difficulties (such as nightmares) and high sensitivity to pain and noise.

While some researches found magnesium to be low in children with asthma, others found that children with many of the above complaints lacked not only magnesium, but calcium as well.

Women get an extra share of  ‘troubles’; hormones and other factors upset their body balance causing physical and mental manifestations, especially before and during their periods.  This includes the time before young girls start having periods and extends to the menopause a beyond.  Before and at the beginning of periods, calcium needs to be supplied in abundance (but usually is not), and it needs to be balanced with magnesium and potassium to be effectively absorbed.  This can keep down cramps and tension to a very marked degree.

When women reach the menopause another type of hormonal imbalance takes place which brings about another set of disorders and complaints again avoidable where no deficiencies occur.

It appears that calcium is excreted at night, leading to bone porosity in a marked degree in older women, while additional calcium during the night seems to inhibit this from occurring, and deficiencies such as above can make  a restful nights sleep elusive to many people.

A related syndrome is the well documented occurence of much calcium loss in bedridden people.  This is of course, not typical for woman, nor are many types of headache especially back-of-the-head-and-neck  cramps.

The sources we investigated also dealt with many other often painful conditions, e.g. arthritis, kidney stones and atherosclerosis, all in relation to deficiencies of these minerals. We would sum up by saying that the need for these minerals and trace elements appears to be much greater than generally realised even among some professionals.

D. Elroi, Bsc Harvard, MSc. Penn.

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Happy days for all our customers, we have just received a large amount of CAL-M powder into our factory. This is being put in tubs and capsules in our custom Clean Room. Hygenically packed to stay fresh and sealed so it reaches you in pristine condition to ensure efficacy.